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Alright, time to write a better bio rather than the one from two years ago.

...where to start...



Alright, to the point it is then! Hello! You have found the page Hi. Wait, I already said that. Dammit I'm screwing this up already! Fine, uhh, about me; I'm a writer for the most part, but that doesn't keep me from trying my hands (both of them I'm ambidextrous, yay that) at writing and sculpting. Over the past few years, I have been very heavily inspired by great series' such as the Inheritance series and The Dragonriders of Pern books, prompting me to write my own fantasy novel, starring dragons. A lot of dragons. Seriously guys, I think I have a problem here; I'm obsessed with dragons.

Joking aside though, my goal for my writing is nothing more than my own enjoyment. It's merely a hobby for me, which is why I'd be glad to take requests if you manage to catch my ear, which shouldn't be too hard. There are times in my life where I become extraordinarily inspired, and other times in which, of course, I'm not. My life has thrown a lot of stress in my direction, more than anyone who reads this should ever go through. I suppose I must thank it though, for while even now I'm still troubled by my own life, it gives me the incentive to keep writing.

But if you're not here for the writing, or the dragons, or even this self-destructive autobiography, at least I can offer you a meaningful conversation if you'd be willing to chat with me at some point. Nothing could make me happier than seeing your words on the screen.

Nobody's said anything in response to my offer to do commissions, so I now have a second option for you all now, and it's simple. If someone can bring up an idea that I REALLY like, then, and only then, will I decide to make a short story for that. I just want to hear some ideas here; heck, I want to know if anyone would even bother to look at this and suggest something. But come on people. Can't you just comment a little more?
  • Listening to: Stupid chiptune music.
  • Reading: Game of Thrones.
  • Watching: Game Grumps.
  • Playing: I finished Undertale...oh my feels...
  • Eating: Deep dish pizza.
  • Drinking: Watermelon juice, (it's better than you think.)

Journal History


(A note: When people have certain ways of speaking, like slang, it is only to describe personality due to language differences.)

Chapter 3.

"Chris where are you?" Annie's voice came through.
Chris' mind was a river of confused thoughts, everything going through his head was a blur, and it hurt...a lot. He tried as much as he could to calm himself, but it only got worse, only leaving him once he was curled up and clutching at his head.
With the pain gone, he instantly shot his eyes open to nothing but darkness. He could feel cold smooth stone underneath him, but other than that, nothing gave for his senses other than the sound of Annie's voice.
"A-Annie? Where's Dave?" Chris asked, his voice echoing around wherever he was.
"I'm here Chris." Dave's voice came from the right.
"Good..." Chris said as he got up, his footsteps making more sound to bounce around the area.
"Hey!" Annie called out from somewhere to the left, "There's a light over there."
Chris did not have to search long to see it clearly, a thin line of light slicing through the darkness.
"Come on." He called, hastily starting towards the light. He heard Dave and Annie following him, or were those his own footsteps' echoes? He couldn't tell, for that was all he could hear as he ran.
It took almost a full minute for them to reach the end, the fracture in the darkness widening as they approached. When they stopped, the slight amount of light was enough to see that they were at a pair of grand stone doors, each standing at least twenty feet high over them.
Chris hurried to push on one of the grand doors, surprised to find that it easily, if slowly moved out.
As light flooded into the stone hall behind them and the three were exposed to the beautiful untouched world outside.
They seemed to be in an old stone temple of sorts, carved into a hill that was surrounded by a thick and very green forest. When they looked into the distance they could see a range of snowcapped mountains, almost invisible and blending in with the sky from being at such a distance.
"Wait! Where's Talek?" Chris suddenly asked, looking around frantically as he remembered.
'Behind you.' Chris heard the familiar voice in his mind.
Next to the giant stone doors Talek sat, watching the shocked expression on Chris' face unfold. The dragon hatchling had grown to the size of a young horse, and while he sat up, he held his head above eye level with Chris.
Chris stammered for words. "Talek, how-why...what- "
'Happened?' Talek thought, a touch smug. 'A little magic is all, nothing more.'
By now the twins had turned to see this larger Talek as well, looking over the dragon, fascinated.
"Are you guys seeing this?" Dave asked.
Chris nodded, folding his arms as he tried to process the scene. "Yup, seems so."
"So, where are we going? We're not just staying here are we?" Annie questioned, walking closer to the dragon somewhat cautiously.
Talek was silent at the question, looking down.
"Well, don't you know?" Dave asked impatiently.
'Give me a moment,' Talek thought, slightly annoyed. He was silent for a while longer, until eventually, 'this way,' he announced, getting up and walking out to the surrounding forest, stopping at the edge to look back at the group expectantly.
After exchanging confused looks, they joined the dragon at the edge,and followed him into the trees. Only a few dim rays of sunlight could make it through the dense canopy, making it difficult for the three kids to navigate through and around the undergrowth, though the dragon seemed to find his way through just fine.
"Hey Chris?" Dave asked as the light of their entrance began to fade to a mere glow in the distance. "Do you have any idea what is going on here?"
"Nope." Chris responded honestly.
"Surely he said something about this, right?"
"Nothing at all." He shrugged. "I'm just as confused about all this is you are."
Silently they continued walking through the forest. There was no path, just tangled roots, leaves and bushes all around them while nothing seemed to show up in the distance. Quite often there would be a sound of something moving in the branches above, or the call of some bird they had never heard or seen before. The trees too were different; the bark was all a darker brown, blending into the darkness while the wide leaves created the darkness just for them to hide in.
After a long hour of walking nowhere, the forest suddenly opened into a clearing, where the carpet of brown leaves stopped, and bright green grass grew instead. In the center three large fruit trees grew with ripe apples hanging from the branches.
They had all grown rather peckish from the long walk and however much longer they had been unconscious in the hall. Dave immediately made a dash forward and was the first to reach the trees. Skillfully he climbed up the branches to where the fruit awaited.
'This is an outpost for those travelling through the forest, help yourselves.' Talek thought. Chris was confused as to how the dragon knew so much, and the dragon simply responded to the wonder by giving the boy a little push with his head towards the others who had already started feasting on the sweet fruit. "Alright, I'm going," Chris submitted, running up to the trees.
"Chris, catch!" Dave called as his friend approached, throwing down an apple for him.
Chris caught it, fumbling for a moment before gaining a full grip. Sitting down against the tree, he took his first bite of the apple as he took in his surroundings. As he looked around though, he noticed that Talek had vanished. 'Where are you?' He thought, hoping the dragon would hear.
'I will be back in a bit.' The dragon answered quickly.
He decided to let Talek be, and continued to eat.
Then as he thought about it, the apple he held was quite odd in noticeable ways from ones he was used to. It had a purplish color, and was rather bitter compared to any apple he had had before.
Suddenly, a shriek came from Annie against one of the other trees, as Chris turned, he could see her throw her apple away to the side.
"What happened?" Chris and Dave asked in union, looking over.
"Umm, nothing...just saw a bug...I don't like bugs on my food."
Chris could hear Dave failing to hold back a laugh.
"What?" Annie aggressive tone quickly returned.
"You see." Dave began. "Seeing how all this crazy stuff has been going, you'd think you'd be afraid of something scary. But nope, it's just typical An-" Dave cut his words short as his own apple was shot out of his hand, landing over at the end of a clearing with an arrow going perfectly through the core.
They turned just in time to see a man step out into the clearing, with a bow drawn, ready to fire again.
He said something, but it was in a language that none of them had ever heard before.
'Talek, get over here!' Chris shouted mentally for the dragon, but there wasn't a response.
The man continued to speak, not realizing that they did not understand, and suddenly, as quickly as the arrow had been shot before, Talek jumped out from the trees and knocked him over.
The man cried out in his surprise, and started yelling who-knows-what at the top of his lungs as Talek pinned him to the ground with a paw, wings unfolded to give him a truly intimidating look. The man continued his panicking and then, suddenly stopped, going silent.
A while passed..."Is he dead?" Chris asked.
'Of course not!' Talek thought, almost sounding insulted. He took his paw off the man, letting him get up and dust himself off. He was dressed in strange leather clothes, with several small pockets, satchels, and even a pair of daggers at the side of his waist.
'He is here to guide us to where we are going, though it seems he wasn't expecting any of you.' Talek explained. 'When he finally caught your attention, he demanded you explain your reason for being here to be sure of who you were.'
"Good question." Chris muttered.
'He's sorry for being so intimidating before. Even so, he knows where we are going and will help us get there.'
"You understand what he says?" Dave asked.
'Of course.'
"How do you… never mind." He stopped himself knowing he wouldn't get an answer anyway.
'Come on then, we ought to be going now.' Talek thought, prompting the kids to get up and start to follow him into the trees once more.
"Talek?" Chris asked, walking up closer.
The dragon looked over at him. 'What?'
"Is that blood on your face?"
'I got hungry while I was gone.' Talek thought as innocently as possible, but still leaving Chris slightly unnerved.
They all got a new trio of apples to eat as they traveled, following the strange man down through the trees. He did not say a word as they continued on their way, and showed far more interest in Talek than he did for any of the kids, though for Chris he did stop to look over. Chris felt uncomfortable under the other's gaze, like he was being judged. But the man only gave a shrug as he walked onward, motioning for them to follow.
"So, what is his name?" Chris wondered, looking ahead at him.
'Nyolnen.' Talek answered, heavily accenting the name.
"Huh, well that's pretty cool." Chris silently wished his own name was as interesting.
They continued to advance through the forest for an uncountable amount of time. Every now and then a question would arise about their odd situation, only to be either half answered, or kept secret entirely by Talek.
Chris, who himself was bubbling with questions, started to notice a few oddities about their guide. For one, his hair was a pale blond and probably grown out over a meter long, but Chris couldn't tell just how long because it was neatly braided. More than once Dave joked that he couldn't tell if he was a man or a woman because of that, and Chris just got the feeling that his friend was lucky that he wasn't understood. The second oddity he noticed were the ears. They were pointed. Not ridiculously so, but just enough to make Chris guess who Nyolnen was. He had read enough stories to tell that Nyolnen was not any average human, that much was for sure.
'That took you long enough to realize.' Talek thought, looking over.
'It's as if I just walked into a book.' Chris remarked, a little more of the grandness of the world dawning upon him.
'Close enough.'
Chris looked over at the dragon. 'Did I say something to make this happen?'
'I mean, I must have been chosen or something to go on this 'magical adventure.'' he exclaimed with sarcastic enthusiasm.
The dragon looked back over. 'Of course you were chosen. By me.'
Chris sighed, and remained silent for the rest of the walk, just trying to understand what little he knew.
In silence they traveled until the sun began to set. Then, in the light further dimmed by dense branches, something other than endless trees and bushes showed up. It was a building! As they approached, they could make out several small houses close by. They were all simple but stable wooden homes with thatched roofs, nothing like what they had ever seen before where they were from, but the sight was rather cozy and inviting. As the group made its way closer, they could see the people of the small town take form, men and woman moving about, carrying wood, water and children as they prepared for the night.
Chris looked around only to see that Talek had disappeared once again.
'Where did you go now?' He wondered, turning in place trying to spot the dragon.
'Right now I would best not be seen.' Talek's thought came through to his head. 'It would cause much more trouble than we need right now.'
And Chris could understand what he meant, because only a few seconds after they entered the village borders, they were stopped by a large, burly man who was armed with a sword at his waist and armored with metal that made a lot of noise while he walked.
His voice was fitting for a man of his size, gruff and low in pitch. However, yet again Chris could not understand what language was being spoken. The man looked down at Dave, who was the shortest of the group, and was about to say something, but was instead interrupted by Nyolnen, who had to speak for a good long while before the guard, with a grunt, left to continue his patrol around the town,also leaving the three children to wonder just what Nyolnen said.
'Talek.' Chris thought. 'I need you to translate what people are saying to us, because I can't understand any of it.'
'I can try.' Talek responded.
'What do you mean try?'
'You cannot expect me to learn every word of your language in only a few days.' The dragon thought obviously.
They walked through the town, noticing that unlike Nyolnen, the people here looked more normal, if one could put it that way. Their clothes were simple, but decent. A shirt, trousers and shoes, all made of wool and leather. While passing one building, they saw the people out front cease their conversation to look at the newcomers walking by.
Nyolnen, spoke back to the kids, Talek translating for him.
'He says that you will have to find a new change of clothes when you can, yours attracts attention.'
Chris didn't need to ask why. Compared to everyone else, they must have either looked rich, or completely ridiculous, possibly both, so instead of asking that, he focused on a different question.
'How are you able to tell what he is saying when you're not here?' He wondered.
'I can speak to you through your mind. Naturally I can hear what you hear with the same method.' Clearly this dragon was assuming that Chris knew more than he really did.
They entered one of the larger buildings; two floored, a few small windows and altogether rather simple and bare. Unlike the outside though, the interior looked much more pleasant, with a rough stone floor and thick wooden walls with various pelts hanging for decent decoration. Despite the simplicity of it, the building was clearly built to be sturdy. Attached to the wall was a large stone hearth, burning bright with crackling logs that cast a warm, orange glow on the area.
Annie, who had been silent since when they left the clearing, shivered at realizing how cold she was, and without delay rushed over to the fire to warm her hands, which had grown white with cold.
Scattered around the main hall were several tables and chairs, and at the end, there was a small bar, where a man was busy preparing for the night, though he quickly stopped his work at the sight of those entering.
As the boys joined Annie by the fire, Nyolnen walked up to the counter, and started talking to the man there.
'He is just talking about getting rooms for the night, nothing interesting.' Talek reported.
When Chris decided he was warm enough he left the fire and joined Nyolnen at the counter. He arrived just in time to see him take few small silver coins from one of the many pouches on his belt. Nyolnen put it onto the counter for the man behind, who, translated by Talek, thanked him and gladly pocketed it. The man then proceeded to take a trio of rusted brass keys from a drawer and set them down before returning to his job.
Nyolnen took the keys, thanked the man, and walked over to a nearby staircase, stopping at the bottom to say something to the kids.
'He wants you to follow him.' Talek translated for the whole group.
Dave and Annie reluctantly abandoned the fire, and joined with Chris as Nyolnen led them all up the stairs to the rooms they would be staying in for the night.
'He wants you to wake up at dawn; you still have a lot of walking to do.' Talek explained.
"As if we haven't walked enough already." Dave complained.
In front of the rooms, Nyolnen gave one key to Chris, and another to Annie, pointing them to which room was theirs. He then left them all to decide what do as he retired to his own room for the night.
"Well, umm, goodnight, I guess." Dave said awkwardly to Chris, entering his room behind Annie.
"Yeah, I guess so." Chris nodded. He pushed the key into the door lock, gave it a little twist till the mechanism clicked, and entered his room.
To describe it in a word, cozy. The room wasn't particularly large, and was only furnished with a bed, a window, and a small wardrobe. Thankfully it did look to be well tidied, as there were no cobwebs and the cloths covering the bed were neatly organized.
At the sight of the bed, Chris' lethargy from the day of walking kicked in. He barely took the time to take off his shoes before making his way into the bed, which consisted of an itchy mattress, pillow, and a crudely woven blanket. After such a walk it didn't take long for the boy to fall asleep even then, very thankful for the slightest sort of comfort.
He ignored the sound of Dave and Annie through the wall, arguing over who would sleep in the only bed provided for them. He was nearly asleep when Talek's voice suddenly sounded in his head, causing Chris to shoot to full awareness with alarm.
'Are you going to say goodnight?' the dragon asked.
'Gosh, you scared me, I need to get used to that. What did you say?'
'Are you going to say goodnight?' He repeated.
'Oh...right, of course, of course.' Chris assured him, settling down again. 'Well, umm, goodnight Talek.'
'Goodnight.' The dragon was contented with just that.
'Yeah...goodnight. See you in the morning.' Even after Talek's sudden comment, It didn't take long before Chris fell into deep sleep.
That night's dream was a blur of trees, dragons and odd looking people; and then the noise, there was so much noise…people talking and talking and talking. None of their words made sense...or at least they didn't at first. As the dream went on, words started to fall into his understanding like pieces of a puzzle, until finally he could understand what was being spoken...and the dream ended as suddenly as it began. Chris was wide awake once again, staring up at the ceiling with blurred vision. 'Talek? Are you there?' He thought quickly.
No response.
'Maybe he's still asleep.' He reasoned. He sluggishly got out of the bed and slipped on his shoes, which were caked with dirt and dust from the walking yesterday. As he rubbed his eyes, he tried to recap what was going on. 'Umm, let me think…' He started, 'I am in a village, in a forest...somewhere. I'm here with Dave and Annie, and I'm currently being guided by a dragon and an elf...kinda…and I was told to wake up at…dawn, yes that's right...Wait a minute.'
Chris looked over at the window outside.
Half of the view beyond the window was branches and leaves. It was still dark enough to see a few stars in what sky was visible, yet light enough to be able to see anything else.
'I guess I still have some time.' He left the room, being sure to take the key with him, and walked back down to the main floor.
The hearth was burning high with fresh logs, and the man who Chris supposed must be the building owner was behind the bar once again, serving a much younger man food and drink. From his work he looked up at Chris and spoke.
"Oi! You there boy." The man called out, "I don't believe I've asked your name yet, what would it be?"
Of course, he wasn't speaking English, rather he was speaking Relnisk; a common language of this world, yet, and Chris assumed Talek was behind it, the boy could understand it just as well as he knew his own language.
He walked over to the counter. "Um, my name is Chris." He tried saying back, thinking about what probably was right in that language.
To his surprise the man understood him and nodded. "Chris? Is that foreign or something?" He scratched his unshaven chin, thinking. "Ah well, anyway, my name is Garin." He held out a huge hand to Chris.
Chris took it in his own, his fingers meeting stiff worn skin that had seen much work. He couldn't hope to match the other's grip as they shook hands.
"So, what brings a lad like you here, and with an elf for that matter?"
"Honestly, I'm trying to figure that out for myself." Chris explained.
"How could you not know? It takes some real good reasoning to convince one of the elves about anything. In fact-"
"Ay, Gar, another drink." The other man interrupted. Chris had quite forgotten about him and jumped when the harsh voice spoke.
"Right away." Garin responded with a nod. He proceeded to take his empty mug refilling it from one of the several kegs he kept behind the counter.
"So," the other man began, looking over at Chris, "yer here, wearing whatever that is," he pointed to Chris' t-shirt, "and yeh arrive with an elf for some kind of bodyguard. Jus' who are you anyway? You got somefin' to do with what talk's goin' about?"
It was tough to figure out what was being said when the man's foreign words slurred. "Err, what do you mean by that?" Chris tried to be polite.
"Haven't yeh heard? The dragons in that valley of theirs are up to somefin'. I dunno what's up, no one really does, but somethin's goin' on, and everyone knows it."
"Dragons?" He perked up, the mention catching his interest.
"Yeh, and they stay there in their caves, keeping secrets from us. 't's all they do. Not that I blame 'em, people are saying some stuff's happenin', bad stuff."
"Div, calm down and have your drink. That's the last one your getting" Garin cut in, handing over the mug with a sigh.
"Oh quiet, I'm just fine" he said with a grin before continuing to drink. Chris was somewhat surprised to see his teeth in decent condition, contrary to what he would have expected from a place like this...he wondered...these people seemed to be living well enough...perhaps they had more technology than he expected?
Garin interrupted his thought. "Don't mind my brother there, Divin. He'll just about say anything on his mind when he's drinking."
At that moment, Nyolnen came downstairs, followed by Dave and Annie.
"Good morning!" Chris called to them.
Nyolnen suddenly stopped at the bottom of the stairs looking to Chris, confused.
"How did you learn to speak Relnisk?" He asked, walking over in a hurry.
"The language, how did you learn it?"
"Good question, cause I really don't know."
"Um Chris?" Dave asked, still speaking English. "What are you saying?"
"I'll tell you later." Chris told him quickly in his familiar tongue. He looked back to Nyolnen, "So, where are we going next?" He wondered.
Nyolnen walked up to the counter and sat next to Chris, with Dave and Annie right behind him.
"We are going to my home to pick up a few things. It is a good distance away so we will have to leave soon if we are to get there before night. Garin, a drink please."
"Right away. And who would these other lads be?" Garin asked.
"That's my friend Dave, and his sister Annie." Chris explained
"Hm, more names I've never heard before." He turned to look at Nyolnen as he handed over his drink. "So, what are you doing with these fine lads, taking them to Cilrev?"
"They were lost in the forest." Nyolnen answered. "So I took it upon myself to bring them back to the road."
“Since when were you so kind to do that?” Garin inquired.
“Since I said so." Nyolnen said coldly.
He stepped back. “Fine, fine, I believe you. No need to get upset."
Nyolnen quickly downed the contents of the mug and handed it back along with a small silver coin, returning the keys as well. "We had best be going." He said, standing up. "The less time we waste, the better."
“Nice talking wi'f you, Chris." Divin called after him as they left.
“Umm, you too.” Chris called back somewhat awkwardly. Once outside, the fresh cold air sent a chill through him, bringing him back to the practical matter at hand. 'Now to find Talek.'
Quickly the group walked through the rest of the village and onto a dirt road that lead deeper into the forest. It wasn’t until they were a good distance away from other eyes that they stopped.
Nyolnen turned to Chris. “Now is likely a safe time to call Talek over.” Nyolnen informed.
Chris thought, but was unable to contact the dragon. “I think he’s asleep.”
“Then I suggest that you three start looking, for we are most certainly not leaving without him. Hopefully he will be nearby.” And on that note, he left the path and walked into the dense trees without another word.
“Chris, umm, since you somehow 'magically' learned a new language overnight, would you mind telling us what he said?” Annie asked, holding her arms from the cold.
“Basically we’re gonna need to find Talek since he’s still asleep.” He explained.
That upset her a bit. "Really? We gotta search for 'your' dragon? Right, sure thing. Whatever you want, see ya." Turning on a heel, Annie hurried off into the forest, with Dave running after her.
With them gone, he was alone. ‘And I’d better start looking.’ Chris thought. He walked off the path and onto the forest floor, which he had grown quite used to navigating after the day before.
His legs were sore, and the lack of company made the search all the less enjoyable. He walked aimlessly, but he was sure not to lose direction of where the village was.
But finally, after what felt like half an hour of fruitless searching, a little speck of reflected light found its way into Chris's eye. Looking over, he hurried towards the source, much to the pain of his legs which were scraped by bushes on the way.
He would have run right into Talek if he took a moment longer to stop, as the dragon was well hidden in a small cavity between the trees. The small amount of light had been reflected off one of his many scales and Chris couldn't help but take a moment to admire the sleeping dragon before trying to wake him up.
“C’mon Talek, we’ve gotta go!” Chris said, trying to shake the dragon awake but unable to cause any kind of movement. He tried slipping his hands under Talek's neck to lift the head a little, but only ended up exhausting himself with the effort.
Eventually he grew too tired to do any more. "That's it, I give up." He slumped down onto Talek’s side and spent a minute to rest. He waited, feeling Talek's scales shift under him as the dragon heavily breathed in and out.
Chris calmed. ‘I guess I'll be doing this every morning,’ he thought to himself, trying to make light of the situation. He gave Talek’s side a rub, and was amused to hear, and feel, the dragon rumble, enjoying the feeling.
‘Like a child.’ Chris thought. He continued to pet the scales along Talek’s neck, causing the dragon to shift and stir as he began to wake.
‘Hmm? ...Good morning.’ Talek thought, opening one huge eye.
“Morning.” Chris responded with a smile. “We’re going to do more traveling today, come on, get up.”
The dragon merely blinked in response as he rose, bringing a thin cloud of dust out from under him.
Chris brought himself to his feet as well, looking around for where the path is. A while passed..."Right...we’re lost.” He said when he couldn’t find anything, unable to recall from which way he came as well.
‘No.’ the dragon thought simply, stretching out like a cat.
Chris looked over, confused. “What do you mean no?” He asked, expecting some kind of magical, telepathic reason for Talek to know everything.
‘I see Nyolnen over there.’
He crossed his arms, regretting the last thought immediately, "oh...right. Umm hey! Nyolnen!" Quickly he started over, Talek beside him.
“Ah, I see you found Talek.” Nyolnen called happily when he saw the two approach. “Then we can be on our way at last. Have him tell the others to meet us on the road so we can make our way to Cilrev.”
At hearing Nyolnen speak Chris remembered about learning Relnisk, looking to Talek for answers.
‘I simply gave you the knowledge in your sleep. It wasn't that hard.’ Talek answered before the question could even be asked.
Chris, by then, had completely given up on asking questions to dragons, and decided to question Nyolnen instead.
“So what is Cilrev like?” he asked.
The elf was surprised by Chris’ sudden interest.
“Well, I am glad you asked. It is a lovely place, built with marble houses and surrounded by greenery, it is home to me.”
"Why did you leave then?" Chris wondered.
He was silent for a moment. "To find you of course."
When they returned to the road, Dave and Annie were already there, waiting for them.
“Good, you got him.” Dave said upon seeing Talek. “Let’s get going then.”
Annie just pouted, and followed the group silently with her arms crossed while often giving glances back towards Talek.
“What’s up with her?” Chris asked as they continued along the path.
Dave shrugged. “Not sure, it’s not like she had to sleep on the floor last night.”
They only had to travel for another fifteen minutes before Talek announced he was hungry.
"You’re always hungry." Chris complained.
‘You’re hungry too.’ Talek reasoned.
This was true, Chris hadn’t eaten since the apple trees, and his poor stomach yearned for something to fill it.
"Fine." Chris gave in. "Go ahead and hunt or whatever, just do it away from here so I don't have to see it happen."
‘You will eventually, see you.’ That thought echoed in Chris’ mind as the dragon ran back under the trees, quickly disappearing behind the thick trunks.
“Nyolnen, do you have any food with you?” Chris asked, going back to speaking Relnisk.
“I do have some food,” Nyolnen said, stopping and turning towards the children. “But it is not much.” He took a few small bread buns out of one of the larger pouches he had with him, and handed one to each of the kids who were all eager to eat, and thanked him for the food.
They continued traveling. Talek returned well after the group finished eating, which was fortunate since they would have lost their appetite at seeing the blood coating Talek's muzzle, or worse, thinking of the animal the blood belonged to.
'I'm gonna need to wash that off.' Chris thought.
'I can do it myself.' Talek thought back.
Chris looked over to see the dragon trying to lick the blood off with his tongue, and laughed a little at the sight.
"What is it?" Dave asked, looking over as well to see.
"That's just adorable." Chris grinned, giving Talek a rub behind the head.
Dave snickered a little too, causing Annie to look over as well. She didn't react, but it was clear that she was struggling to keep her face still.
Nyolnen, looking back to see the children in this state, smiled, but nothing more as they continued down the road.
Five long hours they traveled, Nyolnen in the lead, followed by Chris and Talek in the middle, followed by Dave and Annie in the back.
They continued like this until they suddenly reached a steep decline. They had reached the crater that marked the heart of the forest, and within it was what seemed to be a small city.
All around the crater were countless white houses dotting the area with cobbled roads paving the way between. Beautiful plants grew between the roads and the houses, giving the entire city the appearance of a garden.
There were people walking about, carrying baskets and pulling wagons of goods. They all appeared similar to Nyolnen, in the sense that they looked human and had the same subtle differences. The clothes they all wore were made of fine cloth, giving everyone there the appearance of nobility, especially when their colorful clothes contrasted with the white buildings they lived in.
They started down the road towards the center, in which grew the largest tree Chris had ever seen, shooting up out of the ground and dwarfing all else there. Around it was a large pond from which the tree drew water, and feeding the pond were several small creeks flowing through the city under small bridges.
Nyolnen turned to look at the group, bringing his arms out to present the city to them.
"We have arrived at Cilrev."

End of Chapter 3.
From the Real to the Fantastic, Chapter 3.
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A note: When people have certain ways of speaking, it is only to describe personality due to the language difference.
First Chapter: From the Real to the Fantastic, Chapter 1.

Next Chapter: From the Real to the Fantastic, Chapter 4.

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